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The merit demerit of photovoltaics

 Photovoltaics attracts attention by the power generation method which carbon dioxide does not generate. It has seldom spread. Why? Let's see a merit and a demerit.

The merit of photovoltaics

 ・Various wastes are not generated.

 ・Resources are not needed.

 ・It can respond to the peak of daytime.

The demerit of photovoltaics

 ・The cost per production of electricity is high.

 ・The production of electricity per area is low.

 ・A production of electricity changes a lot according to the weather.

 The merit and demerit of photovoltaics are such. If a merit is summarized, it will be mentioned that it is good for environment. Moreover, it can respond also to the peak of daytime with much power consumption. Receiving, the direction of a demerit has many things about power generation. It has been a subject that there are few especially productions of electricity. If improved in the future, spread will progress more.