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About wind power generation

 Wind power generation is the power generation method which turns a dynamo by power in case a wind blows, and makes electricity from the power.

 Since it can generate electricity without exploiting oil and limited resources called a nuclear fuel like thermal power generation or nuclear power generation since what exists in a nature is used, wind power generation is resource drain. It is reliable, and since carbon dioxide is emitted, it does not become precocious. Wind power generation is the power generation method apt to the current energy situation. Please refer to it for a detailed merit and a demerithere.

Structure of wind power generation

 Wind power generation turns big feather (= braid) by the power of a wind first. Rotational speed is early carried out through the machine called "speed up gears" after that, and a dynamo is turned and generated by the rotation.

The feature of wind power generation

 The point that 40% of the energy by which the feature of wind power generation is brought to global environment, such as waste and carbon dioxide, from the point of not taking out that where a burden is placed, and wind force, at the time of power generation is convertible for electric power and that conversion efficiency is high etc. are got. 。

 Moreover, the energy of the wind which turns a braid is proportional to the 3rd power of wind velocity. I hear that the electric power which will be outputted if wind force doubles increases 8 times. Therefore, it is, so that the strength of a wind is strong. Since a production of electricity increases, installation to a place with much quantity which a wind naturally blows is desired. Therefore, the point that a setting position will be restricted is also one of the features.

 Furthermore, the electric power supply which land with much quantity which a wind blows, or a wind may stop blowing at summer in particular, and can do the difference of the time which can be generated so much also in one year, and the time which cannot be generated There is also an unstable point.

The situation of introduction of wind power generation

 If the wind-power-generation introduction situation of each country is seen, the amounts of introduction of European countries or the United States including Germany are high, but introduction in China comes to be performed briskly these days, and it will be in 2011.26% of the entire world (the 1st in world) is formed.

 Incidentally Japan ranks 13th in the world about 1% of the entire world at the end time of 2011. In addition, from the first, the area of a country is narrow, since there is little flat ground, there are few flows [ a style ], and Japan is wind power generation.Since it is the environment where it is seldom suitable for carrying out, generating electricity by wind force is not not much easy. To moreover, damage to the windmill which natural disasters, such as a typhoon and thunder, do and plant construction Aggravation etc. of the scene to depend have accumulated the problem.

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