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The merit demerit of wind power generation

 If wind power generation is seen globally, it will have spread considerably also in renewable energy, but it has not spread greatly to there in Japan as above-mentioned.Although there are high technical capabilities about them in Japan, why is it that spread does not progress?

 This has a reason in that there are many portions to which the weak point of wind power generation overlaps with geographical problems, such as geographical feature of Japan and climate.Let's see in detail.

The merit of wind power generation

 - Structure is comparatively easy.

 - Take out neither carbon dioxide nor waste.

 - Energy conversion efficiency is high.

 - A diffusion rate is high also in renewable energy.

The demerit of wind power generation

 - Since natural power is used, it does not become a positive energy source.

 - Land is large and geographical conditions, such as necessity, are severe.

 - It is easy to damage by a natural disaster.


 It is expected that most quantity has already spread also in renewable energy, and it will be introduced and will develop greatly [ from now on ] in the world since internal structure is also easy for wind power generation. In Japan, there are many slopes, and although introduction is seldom progressing from the badness of geographical conditions with few strongly stable winds, now, the feature of large Japan, such as territorial waters which are island countries, is employed efficiently.The experiment which installs feather at sea and generates electric power on a large scale is also conducted.